Traveling technicians that assemble and repair arcade machines on-site for both Louisville Kentucky and out-of-state.


$375 Service Fee Per Machine + Labor ($25/hour)


Replacement Parts Cost + $225 Service Fee Per Machine + Labor ($25/hour)


$175 Service Fee Per Machine + Labor ($25/hour)


$50 Service Fee Per Machine + Labor ($25/hour)
FREE inspection if it’s a game we haven’t worked on yet!

We look over your machine internally and externally in detail for the following issues:

  • Frayed, torn, cut or exposed wires
  • Broken wire connections and solder points, disconnected wires
  • Damaged or broken parts
  • Broken or bad TV Screens/Monitors
  • Burned out bulbs, LEDs and fuses
  • Bad or soon to be bad boards
  • Missing parts, pieces, screws and bolts
  • Jammed coins
  • Bad software, drives or dongles
  • Damaged or missing decals and signage
  • Dirty parts or areas

Additional charges may apply per technician

for large jobs or repairs and assembly outside Louisville Kentucky

  • $450 Large Job Service Fee
  • Labor ($25/hour)
  • Travel Costs
  • Accommodations Costs
  • On-Site Transportation Costs


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